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By Chris Rowe

One thing all professional athletes have in common is balance.  Basketball players shoot the ball with balance, football players position themselves on the line of scrimmage balanced, and baseball players set up in the batter’s box in a balanced position.

Good balance doesn’t guarantee a good shot, but poor balance absolutely hurts your ability to hit consistent good shots.  I’ve used different examples of balance throughout my teaching career.

You can imagine yourself on a surfboard out in the ocean while making golf swings while trying to stay on the board.  I’ve told students to imagine standing on a floating log in one of our water hazards with gators swimming around them.  All of these images are good for staying balanced throughout your golf swing.

Today I gave a lesson to a young man who was having a difficult time keeping his balance. He would make a beautiful backswing, but fall forward after almost every shot. I started looking around and realized the wall behind us was the perfect width and height for this article

I’ve given thousands of lessons with this wall behind me, but never thought to use it for a balance drill.  I made the young man stand on the wall and actually make swings.  If he lost his balance he would fall at least four feet to the next tee box.  He made beautiful swings and kept his balance without falling off the wall.  We then went to the lower level and started hitting balls again.  His balance improved tremendously after only a few swings on the wall.

Next time you find yourself losing you balance put this image in your mind and I guarantee you will keep your balance!

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