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After going 0 for 28 in the majors, Dustin Johnson finally broke through and won the 116th US Open at Oakmont C.C. on Sunday.  Johnson played stellar all week; he drove the ball long and straight (a must a US Open venue) and putted beautifully.

Unfortunately, we won’t remember much of those stats over the rules controversy that took place on Sunday afternoon.  On the 5th hole, Johnson took a few practice strokes on a putt and started to address the ball, when it moved slightly.  He called a rules official over, they talked and Johnson denied having anything to do with the movement of the ball, the rules official agreed: no penalty.  After that, the USGA came back to Johnson (and the rest of the field) to let them know that they weren’t finished reviewing the situation and that they would speak to him after the round.

The good news is that Johnson won by 3 and it didn’t matter in the end.  This, however, will likely be discussed and reviewed over the course of the next several weeks/months.

A very solid recap of the whole situation was done by GolfWeek, check it out below:


USGA ruling on Dustin Johnson at U.S. Open muddies water for future