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My mother always kept a clean house and this has stuck with me throughout my life. We had to make our beds every morning before school and dust the furniture once a week.

I’ve tried to continue these habits with my own children. I’m not a clean freak where you pull out the microscope to look for dirt, but I do like things to be in order. One thing I’ve noticed about keeping my house clean is the more I stay on top of the cleaning the less there is to clean. If you wait for the laundry to pile up then you will have a lot of laundry to do at one time. If you leave dishes or neglect to sweep the floors it doesn’t take long for the house to look cluttered and dirty. I try to do a little bit every day and the house always seems to be in good shape.

Obviously, if I have guests coming over, the house will be cleaner than normal, but my home should always be presentable if a guest stopped by unannounced.

Practice sessions for our golf swing could be compared to cleaning your home. Many people let their swing get messy. They end up having a lot to clean up when they decide their swing is a mess. Some people pay a house keeper due to time restraints and busy work schedules. This is much like hiring a golf instructor to work with you. If you have a professional helping you clean up your swing it’s much easier than trying to do it on your own. The longer you let your house go without a good cleaning the more work it’s going to take to make it look good.

The same is true with letting your golf swing go for months without getting a look from your golf professional. The same is true of daily practice on all areas of your game. Don’t limit your work to just one area of your game. When you do this it’s like keeping the kitchen clean and neglecting the bathroom.

When you practice you should work on every part of your game throughout the week. Hit balls on the range and chip one day. The next day work on your putting and bunker game. When you have an upcoming tournament you want a deep cleaning. Get with your instructor, carve out a couple hours a day and spend enough time preparing for your event. If you were going to host a big party at your home you wouldn’t start preparing the night before and you shouldn’t start preparing for a tournament the day before.

When your house is clean it makes you feel good and when your golf game is clean you feel good! Clean up your swing on a daily basis and it will never become a mess!

I’m going to go clean my house as soon as I finish this article!

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