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2011 Spirit Player, Anthony Murdaca won the Asia Pacific Amateur in impressive fashion last week.  He played and putted so well over the course of 3 rounds at Royal Melbourne, that he found himself with an 8-shot lead heading into the final round.  Although he stumbled a bit on the back nine coming in, there was never really too much of a challenge for Anthony.  As a matter of fact, his greatest concern was oversleeping and missing the final round.

“I had a sleepless night worrying that my alarm would not go off and I would miss my tee time,” Murdaca said. “That would have been a disaster.”

With this victory, Anthony will be invited to play next spring in The Masters.

“Ii is a pretty special win considering what you get. I have been working hard for a win all year and I have certainly won the right one. It is already exciting just thinking about it.”

Congratulations, Anthony.