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In month 3 of our Spirit 18 for 18 Series, we continue our journey by diving into our flagship International Amateur Championship: The Spirit.

Conceived by founder Corby Robertson, the idea was to create the “Olympics for Golf” in Trinity, Texas.  After all, if you were going to build a world-class golf course in the piney woods of east Texas, it makes sense to build it around a world-class event.

The first championship in 2001 got off to a rough start.  It was scheduled to occur in October, just weeks after the worst terrorist attack on US soil: 9/11.  A few countries pulled out with the ongoing threat of travel, but the majority of the countries came and the Championship prevailed.  The “Spirit” of golf began and was un-waivered by tragic world events.

A rising star from Mexico, Lorena Ochoa, led her team to victory and The Spirit International was well on it’s way to international notoriety and fame.

Of course, there have been 7 Championships since then and an amazing list of alumni all captivated by this unique event.

We will spend the month of June detailing more specifics stories of the Spirit, but will start with a focus on 2013 and all the amazing things that happened in our most recent championship.

Stay tuned.

Lorena Ochoa Reads PING Story

Lorena Ochoa-2001 Spirit Medilists