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One thing you couldn’t pay me to do is to dive from a high platform like the divers in the Olympics! There is no amount of money could get me up there, let alone jump!  I’ve watched over the years in amazement how the Olympians dive and make it look so graceful.  When they hit the water there is hardly a splash.  They are all striving to stick their finish and get a 10 from the judges.

When you hit a golf shot you should try and do the same with your finish.  I have seen people look like they were dancing after impact.  I have seen the fall back on the back foot finish and I’ve seen the Gary Player walk towards the target finish.  Yes, this worked for Gary Player, but it would be better for all of you reading this to try and stick your finish like an Olympian Diver.  Watch Rory or Tiger after they’ve hit their shot.  They hold their pose usually for a couple of seconds as the ball is still in the air.  Sergio takes it to an extreme and holds it an extra amount of time, but this is better than not holding it at all.  The next time you play a round of golf try and stick your finish after every shot whether it is good or bad.  Try your best to get a 10 from the judges if it was a competition and I bet you will see better results!

Chris Rowe

Chris is ranked among the top teachers in the nation by Golf Magazine. He was recently named the 2012 Harvey Penick Teacher of the Year in the Southern Texas PGA, and award he also won in 2007. In 2009, he was named one of America’s top teachers for kids by U.S. Kids Golf. He started his career at Dornick Hills in Oklahoma before becoming an assistant at Colonial C.C. in Ft. Worth. Ten PGA Tour events and thousands of lessons later, Chris became the Head Golf Professional at Whispering Pines Golf Club. He can be reached at (936) 594-4992.