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Today’s Player Interview is with 2011 Team Australia member Jaimee Dougan.

Player Interview: Jaimee Dougan


School: The Kooralby International School (2011, year 12)

Status: Amateur

What’s next for you? Where do you think the game of golf will take you this year and what do you hope to accomplish?

This year is about developing my game so I can perform consistently at tournaments. It’s about getting some more experience so I can hopefully grab some wins next year.

When and where did you start playing golf and who influenced your game the most?

I first started when I was nine at my home club, Beaudesert. I couldn’t have picked a better club to be a member of. My dad was my main influence and the reason I started. I still value his opinion on my game now.

Describe your top golf experience.

My low round 65 round Noosa Springs on the sunshine coast in QLD. It was such an exciting day and it was the first time I experienced the feeling of really wanting to shoot low and being able to do it.

You played on Team Australia at the 2011 Spirit International. How was your tournament experience and what do you like most about The Spirit International?

It was the best experience I have had to date. The first time traveling overseas is always exciting. The experience was made better by how outgoing and friendly everyone was. I loved the way the week was set up, it was very organized and professional.

Out on the course, how do you remain focused and keep your tempo?

I like singing songs in my head between shots. It keeps me calm ad focused on something other than my game. It works whether I’m playing good or bad.

What kind of fitness regiment do you follow to stay conditioned and that particularly helps your golf game?

I do three strength sessions a week and cardio on the other four days. I like to do a bit of yoga. It’s so peaceful an helps with my focus for when I’m on the course. I like when there is a break in tournaments so I can go hard in the gym.

If I could play any course in the world I’d play… St. Andrews. Have to play at the home of golf.

Where are you from?

Tell us some of your favorite things about your hometown:

Food or Place to eat: Cafes where they make fresh, healthy food.

Golf Course: Beaudesert. Such a relaxed environment.

Things to do: Have a coffee with some friends or my sisters.

Place to go: I like taking a few days at the sunshine coast, it’s so relaxing.

Sports Team and/or Athlete: QLD rugby league team and Rory McIlroy, he’s such an inspiration.

When I’m on the golf course I feel…comfortable. It’s a place I’m familiar with and where I know how to handle myself.

What I love most about the game of golf is…You can have a different opinion about it each day and no matter how bad you play you always want to be better. I love the challenge.