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Later this week, the guys from IMAVEX will be headed to Trinity, Texas for a few days of research. While here, they plan on not only touring the course, but also taking photos and writing several blogs that will help you better understand the property and the expectations for the players as we prepare for The Spirit International.

Taking a Course Tour

One of the main points of focus is the course tour. This will actually take a couple of days for them to complete, but it will prove worthwhile once you see their plans. For example, each hole here is unique from the distance to the elevation. Each hole offers a unique challenge and will play to some players better than others.

The practice facility is also an interesting part of Whispering Pines Golf Club. That will also be a main highlight this week.

Golf Themed Cottages

There is more to do here at Whispering Pines than just play golf. You can also rent out one of the many cottages on property. The cottages include:

  • Pine Valley
  • Augusta Cottage
  • St. Andrews
  • Ballybunion

If the cottages are accessible, each one of those will also be looked at, in detail, and further information shared with you here on the official The Spirit International blog. Also look for this information to be shared on the official Twitter and Facebook pages.

Camp Olympia

The fun doesn’t stop there. Whispering Pines Golf Club is not your typical golf club… for many reasons. But one is Camp Olympia, a summer camp for boy and girls. The camp sits on the shores of Lake Livingston, and is often referred to as the best camp to attend in the entire state of Texas.

While here later this week, IMAVEX will be looking at every aspect of the property and has plans to write several blogs to share here and on all of our social media outlets. We are excited they are coming, and look forward to seeing them soon. What’s your favorite part of Whispering Pines Golf Club?